It’s almost here! Yes, I’ve been busy with my “day job”, but the updated Career Transition Workbook is expanded into a full book and getting published in 2023! Links will be added soon!

I’m passionate about lots of stuff: Diversity & inclusion, gender equity, systems thinking, and complexity in social systems are the top of my professional passions, and that’s what this site focuses on (mostly). Whether part of my work responsibilities or not, these have all been woven in to my career in leadership development, succession planning, organizational change, performance management and organizational effectiveness. Ultimately, my expertise lies with helping organizations maximize their results by making sure people, structure and processes are working together instead of creating obstacles to performance. I see the big picture and thrive when I get to unravel the big, hairy, impossible challenges. These are the things I like to think about and write about.

Yes, I have a real professional bio.

I’m also passionate about life in general, including my grandbrood, adult kids and “cousins by the dozens” across the US.  I grew up a Midwestern girl in Michigan but consider Tucson AZ my second hometown. I’ve lived where I’ve worked in cities coast to coast and in between: from the hills and city lights of Los Angeles, to the corn fields of central Illinois, the tidewater of Virginia Beach and the history and culture around the “DMV” (that’s the metropolitan Washington DC area: DC/MD/VA– not the Department of Motor Vehicles, in case you were wondering). I worked out of Colorado lots, but never lived there (yet). My heart belongs to the people and community of Princeville, NC. I have enjoyed the unique culture, geography and people of our wonderfully diverse country, which has only strengthened my passion for creating inclusive cultures where people can be safe to be their full, authentic selves and thrive in both work and life.

(I am also an amateur photography hobbyist. Photos used throughout the site are mine unless otherwise credited.)